Martha Coakley: Is Isabel Melendez Committing Voter Fraud for Coakley?

    It sounds like she says I hand out absentee ballots. I tell them my candidate is Martha Coakley, but I don't mark the ballot. I point out she is number two on the ballot, and then I make copies. Listen for yourself.

    Big Government reports Isabel Melendez explains how she can mark the ballot for the voter:

    “My candidate is Martha…so I can mark it”
    Big Government also explains, "If one were trying to manufacturing fraudulent votes, absentee ballots would be a great place to start. In many cases stacks of these have been turned in at one time, making it impossible to verify that an individual voter submitted each ballot."

    Coakley is one effing scumbag. She is the among the worst of the worst of politicians.
    H/T goes to Bungalow Bill at Bungalow Bill's Conservative WisdomSource URL:
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