My Endometriosis Update

    I was able to see my doctor on last Thursday.  He is so kind, gentle and understanding.  Well, it looks like I am going back on the Depot Lupron to stop my endometriosis.  I thought that I had a fever back when I saw him but may not have actually had a fever like I thought.  My body may have been trying to fight off the endo and it may have felt like I had a fever because of that. But, now I am positive that I have a fever, as the thermometer says so.  My pain has been pretty dang bad on and off depending on what I do.  I am looking forward to getting the shot this Thursday and getting some relief for my pain.  I am also supposed to get a sonogram to make sure it isn't anything besides endo.  I am thinking positive and hoping that I will be pain free soon. Thanks for listening.Source URL:
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