ACORN Probe Investigator Says They Have Done Nothing Illegal -- LIAR!!

    Luther Scott Harshberger who just happens to be a Democrat and a lawyer from the state of Massachusetts has made the claim that ACORN has done nothing illegal. This is bullsh*t!! Either Hashberger is completely oblivious and blind, or he is in ACORN's back pocket. I tend to think the latter. He and the other democrats would benefit from ACORN's shenanigans, so why wouldn't he look the other way so that it would benefit his fellow Democratic friends?

    He must not have probed very deep since the videos show ACORN workers giving advice on how to hide assets, and how to sneak illegal Americans into America and pimp them out. What the hell method did Harshberger use? Possibly the toothpick standard of analysis? Instead of actually digging to find the truth? The videos clearly show that ACORN committed illegal misconduct.
    In the video, Obama talks about spreading "community values" and how community organizations will shape his agenda. What the hell was Obama talking about? Maybe, he was talking about spreading the "values" of prostitution, finding ways of bypassing the law, and promoting voter fraud in order to steal elections. He seems to believe in immorality, so, why not? He and other Democrats are forcing their secularist views on Americans, and common sense values are disappearing because of them. It seems like most of the democrats today are the most underhanded, dirty, and immoral people.
    H/T goes to Political Integrity Now.
    Here are two videos: one of the ACORN videos and an older one of Obama speaking.

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