Tensions Cause The Chief Negotiator For The G77 To Walk Out of COP15 Meeting at Copenhagen

         According to the Copenhagen Post, The G-77 walked out of the negotiations at Copenahagen because of tensions between developing and developed countries. I just recently finished my last final in my college class called The Other World, which in fact covered the very topic of both developing and developing countries and whether the West is imposing cultural imperialism on the develping countries . Some people believe that the problem is external and that the West, or the Developed nations are using the developing countries for their own profit while others believe that the problem lies internally within the developed countries. I know some of the environmentalist's policies, like banning DDT have caused an extreme amount of harm to Africans. Malaria is one of the leading cause of deaths in the world, but especially in Africa. DDT kept malaria under control before the environmental nutjobs lied about the so-called harmful effects from DDT. Now, due to the environmentalist's policies a massive amount of Africans have died from Malaria.Here is information on Malaria: http://www.cdc.gov/malaria/impact/index.htm

            I don't know whose fault it is that the developing countries and its people are suffering so much and are lagging behind the rest of the world, but I believe that we should help these countries build their infrastructures and help with various other projects so that they may have thriving economies. But, I also believe that we cannot help these countries forever. The developing countries must start doing more things for themselves and leaders must stop taking advantage of the poor in order to line their own pockets with money. The Developed countries must not enable the developing countries so that they think they are entitled to aid without making much progress in the area of economic growth.  The developed countries must put more pressure on the leaders of the developing countries to stop the corruption because if the corruption doesn't stop, then the cycle of poverty within the developing countries will continue. This is definitely a very complicated set of issues that both the developing and developed countries face today.

    But, since negotiations are in turmoil, maybe this is a good sign for us people who know the truth about man-made global warming being a hoax? Hopefully, the talks will break down further and nothing will be signed in Copenhagen? Maybe, the developing countries will be our heroes if in the end the Copenhagen Treaty is not signed?  I hope so.

    Here is the article: Tension between developing and developed countries builds as climate summit enters its fifth day
    The chief negotiator for 134 developing nations left the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) yesterday in anger.
    Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping from Sudan, the G77 group’s top negotiator, is also accusing Denmark of driving the climate summit into the ground.
    ‘Things are not going well,’ he said after walking out from an hour-long negotiation. ‘It’s very problematic that there’s a different agenda running alongside the official UN process,’ Di-Aping told Politiken newspaper.
    When asked to elaborate on those comments, he said:

    ’Your prime minister has chosen to protect the rich countries, and that’s not ok,’ referring to Denmark’s Lars Løkke Rasmussen
    ‘If the Copenhagen summit ends in failure, the whole Scandinavian multilateral tradition will be jeopardised. What your prime minister is doing is completely against the spirit of the foreign aid Denmark and the Danish people have given to Africa for so many years,’ said Di-Aping.
    The G77 group represents 134 mainly developing countries, including China, Indonesia and Argentina.
    COP15 President Connie Hedegaard, Denmark’s former climate minister, has refused to comment on the case.

    Please check out my friend Amusing Bunni's wonderful blog that has a few very interesting and informative articles on climategate and videos with Lord Christopher Monckton.Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2009/12/tensions-cause-chief-negotiator-for-g77.html
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