Support Navy Seals: Drop Outrageous Charges

    These Navy Seals were merely doing their jobs. They were going after and capturing the terrorists who killed four Americans. This is war, folks. The troops are not playing some sort of game like childhood playmates. This is about life and death.  And, these terrorists murdered four Americans. They deserved to be roughed up a bit IMHO. These Navy Seals should be rewarded with medals for protecting America and defending our freedom. It is ludicrous for our troops to have to worry about some terrorist filing a complaint every time some wartime injury happens during battle. If we had these pussies around filing these outrageous complaints in WWII and in earlier wars, the United States would have never won any battles, or wars. And, the probability of the U.S. and its citizens still being free at present day are very slim. So, please let our troops do their jobs. The charges must be dropped. If not, then the U.S. government and the Navy are betraying their soldiers. Please, pass this video along.

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