Save Liam & Let's Boycott Italy Until He is Returned To His Father

    This is one of the most heartwrenching stories that I have heard about in a while. This cute, playful, lovable boy was abducted by his mother and taken to Italy without his Father's knowledge or permission. Italy found that his mother was unfit and took the boy away from his mother and placed him in an orphanage instead of giving Liam back to his father. Michael McCarty has done everything right legally with regards to getting his son back from Italy. This is just oh so sad.... This makes me so angry, too. How dare the Italian government keep a boy away from his father? Those people in the Italian government are a bunch of kidnapping criminals in my book. I think Americans need to boycott Italy. I think that we should boycott all the Italian made products and Americans should especially not go on any vacations to Italy until Liam is returned to his father. I dare you to watch the videos without shedding a tear or two.

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