Carly Fiorina's Words Demolishes The Hazardous Obamacare

    A big H/T goes to Bill Dupray at True/Slant for this wonderful revealing article into the hazardous bill known as Obamacare that will endanger every person's life. Please pass this along. Please follow Bill Dupray and his wondeful articles at True/Slant. He is a wonderful conservative over at True/Slant.
    This is not just another, “I beat cancer” testimonial. This is a calm, eloquent, and utterly damning clip. It perfectly captures the essence of the problem with the Democrats’ health care plan. Fiorina is not a partisan here. She doesn’t mention either political party by name. She also doesn’t mention that she’s a Republican or that she is a candidate for Senate in California. She’s just some woman named Carly Fiorina.

    She talks about the recent government panel’s mammogram recommendations and how the panel was instructed to focus on treatment and costs in reaching its conclusions.

    Fiorina asks whether, under the bills being debated in Congress, “Will a bureaucrat determine whether my life is not worth saving?” And they way she presents the question, you wonder if, in fact, the Democrats’ plan really is the whole ball-game for deciding for yourself what kind of treatment you need.

    She wonders whether “the federal government will at first suggest, and then mandate, new standards for prevention and treatment. Do we really want government bureaucrats rather than doctors dictating how we prevent and treat something like breast cancer?”

    In response to the public blowback from the limited mammogram panel recommendation, Kathleen Sebilius, the HHS Secretary, said the panel doesn’t set federal policy. Fiorina suggests that the real question is whether they would set policy.

    It would.

    The Senate bill empowers this very task force with influencing future coverage and preventive care. Section 4105 explicitly authorizes the Secretary to deny payment for preventive services the task force recommends against.

    She’s right. Under ObamaCare, she would probably be dead.Source URL:
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