What a Wonderful Saying: Merry Christmas

    Lets keep Christ in Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.

    A few years ago, I noticed that the retail stores decided to try and play it "safe" and not offend anyone by saying Happy Holidays. They also forced their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of saying Merry Christmas to the customers.
    Reality check!! I have news for you retailers: I was offended!!

    By the retailers making the decision to remove the words Merry Christmas from their advertising, they are in effect disavowing Jesus Christ who is the reason for Christmas. If the retailers are going to reap the benefits because of Christmas than the least they can do is have advertising that says Merry Christmas and also say Merry Christmas to their customers.

    I can hear the words Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or sayings of any other holiday and not get offended. Around 87% of Americans identify themselves as Christans in this country and probably even more than that celebrate the Christmas holiday. So, why are the retail stores risking offending a majority of the population? We should all be equal regardless of our different faiths and respect one another.

    Desiree Rogers, the White House Social Secretary, stated that the White House would be celebrating a non-religious Christmas. And then, thankfully reversed the decision and said that the White House would be having a creche. Ron in his article at TOTUS does an excellent job of elaborating on this issue.  And, Bunni over at Amusing Bunni's Musings has some hilarious Christmas videos that you will enjoy. 

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