Obama The Pimp is Screwing Americans With His Health Care Plan

    Obama is the pimp and the Democrats are his whores. They have sold the American people out for money and their pet projects. This is the abomination of America.
    The American people have spoken and it is clear as you can see here and here that a majority of Americans are outraged at the Democrats want to flush Obamacare down the toilet. The Democrats have purposefully ignored the American people.
    Obama and the Democrats are enslaving citizens into a new health care system which will include: rationing, higher costs, taking away your choice of doctors, and forcing Americans to fund the killing of innocent human life.

    You shall not pass this bill for if you cretins do, the wait times to see a doctor will be so long that there will be one long ass line in each city waiting for the sole doctor practicing medicine in each city. The line will be so long that you will have a 50/50 chance of getting to the end of it alive to see the doctor in time to treat you for your illness and save your life. If you are not one of the lucky half, for you, the heavens above will open up and you will see St. Peter sitting at his throne shedding tears for all the people, now on another line -- the stairway to heaven -- because they died way too early because of Obama death care.
    Plus, if you pass this health care debacle this health care of horrors will have you take a pill instead of your needed surgery just like President BO said. And then, to top it off Obama's crock of docs will give you the blue pill, the wrong pill, to try and heal what ails you.
    You destroyers of America will go against our constitution and force Americans to pay for health care or get fined and/or go to jail. We will say, Hell NO!!! Hell NO WE Won't Pay!!! There will be multitudes of court cases challenging this unconstitutional monstrosity due to it violating our freedom, liberty, and right to privacy.

    Here is a brilliant piece of work written by Snarky Basterd over at ADHD.
    You Shall Not Pass. . . Obamacare

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