Bombard U.S. Military With Calls & Emails: File Civilian Complaints On Behalf of Navy Seals

    I have started down the list of leaving messages regarding my filing a complaint against the U.S. Military's unconscionable treatment of the Navy Seals.  The Navy Seals are heroes and they are being betrayed by our military.  I urge everyone to both call and email to file a citizens complaint against the U.S. Military on behalf of these Navy Seals.
     Here are the phone numbers and email address:

    To file a citizen's complaint regarding the treatment of these Navy Seals, please call 813-828-4976, or send emails to
    US Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps : The Office of the Judge Advocate General : Public Affairs : 1322 Patterson Ave., Suite 3000 : Washington Navy Yard,... DC 20374-5066

    Comm: (202) 685-5493 : Phone Numbers: Washington Navy Yard: (202) 685-5190 : Pentagon, Room 4C642: (703) 614-7420

    AJAG, Military Law : 1254 Charles Morris St., SE

    Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5047

    Comm: (202) 685-7053

    SPO public affairs 813-368-9885 thats a cell phone

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