Are Rosary Beads Gang Related?

    Are rosary beads gang related?  Is either a cross with rosary-like cloth beads or a rosary really a representation of gangs or as a norm associated with gangs? I would think not. Both the rosary and the cross are a sign of the Christian faith, represent Christ, and are to be revered and are not to be feared because of their misassociation with gangs. The gangs are denigrating the rosary and the cross when they wear them while promoting violence and committing acts of violence in our society. Recently, there have been two cases where one student was wearing a rosary, the other wearing a cross with rosary-like cloth beads, and the students were asked to take them off by school officials because the school officials felt that the beads were gang related. The two boys ended up getting suspended for refusing to take them off. But, the boys were also wearing the rosary beads to remember loved ones who had died- a soldier in Iraq and the other one's brother had died a few years ago and uncle passed away a couple of months ago. This is resulting because many adults today have no common sense. There is a way to distinguish between a gang member and some person who is wearing these items in a peaceful manner. Plus, these kids were not bothering anyone or causing any harm to anyone by wearing the beads. One of the students was pummeled by some gang members because they thought that he was in another gang, but there is no proof that he is in a gang. From what I know neither child is in a gang. But, with regards to the child who was beaten up in school, what if a Muslim student was carrying the Koran and a bunch of students beat him/her up because they thought he or she was a terrorist? Would the school ban the Koran from being brought into school? Or, would the school be facing a lawsuit for religious discrimination? I just think this is ludicrous. Plus, the schools are looking only at the objects misrepresentation and saying all other people are going to misrepresent it also.

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