Mark Levin Releases Email Address of Sarah Palin's Creep Stalker Next Door Neighbor Joe McGinniss

     Over the years, I have noticed just how insensitive liberals can be toward conservatives when a liberal violates a conservative person's space or privacy rights, crosses the line in a "joke" (David Letterman),  targets the person's family, stalks the person and their family, and the lame stream media has even resorted to being hypercritical of Sarah Palin.  On the other hand, when something miniscule happens to a liberal the lame stream media and liberals become overly sensitive and act like a bunch of Sarah Bernhardts.  Over at The Daily Caller, Jim explains why a professional writer took "Sarah Palin is the girl next door" a little bit too literally.  He also fends off the liberal sharks' claims that she is overreacting.  She is not overreacting.  This is a most serious matter that is not to be taken lightly.  Mark Levin took a stand and decided that he wasn't going to put up with Palin's stalker, Joe McGinniss, flinging his crap at Palin anymore, he decided two can play that game, and he announced Joe McGinniss' email address live on air.  The transcript of Mark Levin is here.  If anyone wants to send her stalker a message, here is Sarah Palin's stalker's email --  I decided to take the liberty to defend Sarah Palin and let this sicko know exactly what I think of him and his actions.

    Here it is:

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