Device Found & Detonated in Pittsburgh; NYC Connection?

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    Fox News: PITTSBURGH -- Police say a suspected device near the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon prompted them to halt the race briefly while it was rendered harmless.

    Police say the device was found in a small microwave oven on the sidewalk after the leaders had finished the course Sunday morning. Police Lt. Kevin Kraus says several blocks were cordoned off near the original finish line for the marathon and half-marathon and police tried to reroute the race but eventually ended up delaying it for 10 to 12 minutes.

    The bomb squad used a robot to disable the device, which Kraus says investigators now believe was not an actual explosive.

    The all-clear was given shortly before 11 a.m. About 5,000 people took part in the full marathon.

    The disruption comes a day after a car-bomb scare in New York emptied Times Square.

    Over at KDKA Channel 2, they have video. They are claiming that there was a pipe bomb inside a microwave oven that was placed in a white box at the end of the Marathon route.

    From KDKA: One officer at the scene said that the device was a microwave with a pipe bomb inside. The microwave was in a white box near the entrance of the building.

    However, Police Chief Nate Harper would only confirm that there were suspicious contents inside the microwave.

    The device was detonated and Liberty Avenue and Grant Street had been blocked off.

    Police are looking for who left the device at the location, but police are going to review the surveillance video from security cameras in the area.

    From the video at KDKA we once again there are stupid people standing around watching. If this is the American public’s reaction to bomb threats, we are in trouble. People: when bombs are found, leave the area in a calm and orderly fashion. Sticking around to see the action live is beyond foolish.

    UPDATE: A Possible Pennsylvania connection?

    ABC stated: "I was just watching the mayor's press conference on the Times Square car bomb and noticed this line. Listen to what NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg says about the fireworks found in the Times Square car bomb."

    Here is a video
    “…it was made up of consumer grade fireworks that you can buy in Pennsylvania and drive into New York …”
    This is just way too close to home for me.  This is some scary stuff.  This crap needs to be clamped down on, stopped, and quick. 
    NYPD Wants to Know: Have You Seen this Man? (video link below)

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