Catholic Stuff: The Sexual Abuse Issue & Is Peggy Noonan Stuck in First Gear?

    There has been some confusion regarding the media's misinterpretation of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn's words so Father Fessio has clarified the Cardinal's remarks.  Maybe, the good Cardinal, in his willingness to be open and transparent, overestimated the media's intelligence?

    Jack Valero points out that the abuse problem is not only a Catholic Problem but becoming a problem of great proportions across the board and has reached American teachers, relatives, and Sweden's secular state schools but yet, the media ONLY focuses on and targets the Catholic Church. 

    Is Peggy Noonan stuck in first gear when the Church has moved into third gear?  Has she even read SACRAMENTORUM SANCTITATIS TUTELA ?  Does she realize exactly what steps the Church has done in order to address the abuse issue?  She charges the Church with complacency but isn't looking at the history of what the Church has done to address the priest sexual abuse issue. Has she acknowledged anything that the Church has done to address the priest sexual abuse issue?  Please, someone point out to me if she has has acknowledged the very important steps the Church has taken to address the priest abuse scandals.Source URL:
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