Shahzad Faisal Arrested in Times Square Bomb Attempt; Denaturalization in Order?

     Last night authorities arrested a suspect in the attempted car bombing in NYC. Shahzad Faisal is a naturalized U.S. citizen who had recently traveled to Pakistan.

    "Mayor Bloomberg was fretting with Katie Couric that the terrorist was likely “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”

    I am ticked off at the fact that Mayor Bloomberg made such callous remarks. The fact that Mayor Bloomberg was so quick to jump to conclusions and willing to implicate one particular segment of our society that is angry with our government on a specific issue is really troubling and disconcerting to me. That kind of crap makes me angry. Is he going to apologize for his erroneous remarks? Probably not. But, he should publicly apologize to the citizens who disagree with the Health Care Law.

    Jennifer Rubin rightly points out that this is the fourth significant Jihadist attack since Obama took Office:

    “A couple of points are worth noting. First, if accurate, this is the fourth significant jihadist attack since Obama took office. (In case you’ve lost track, there was the Little Rock recruiting shooting, the Fort Hood massacre, and the Christmas bombing — all before this latest event.) If Obama’s array of not-Bush national-security policies were supposed to make us safer, they haven’t.”

    Then, I pondered whether it is possible for a naturalized citizen to lose their citizenship? And, it is possible for a naturalized citizen to lose their citizenship.  Here are a couple of instances of denaturalization which would apply to Shahzad Faisal :

    Convicted For An Act Of Treason Against The United States

    Treason is a serious crime, and the Constitution defines the requirements for convicting someone of treason. Treason is waging a violent war against the United States in cooperation with a foreign country or any organized group. It includes assisting or aiding any foreign country or organization in taking over or destroying this country including abolishing the Constitution. Treason also consists of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the US government or of betraying our government into the hands of a foreign power. If you are caught and convicted of treason, you can pretty much count on losing your US citizenship as well as serving lots of jail time.

    Serving In Your Native Country’s Armed Forces If That Country Is Engaged In Hostilities Or At War With The United States

    If your native country is engaged in hostile actions or is at war with America you need to be extremely careful. The US government will attempt to take away your US citizenship if they find out you are either aiding or serving in your native country’s armed forces in any capacity. Alternatively, the US government could try to nail you with a treason conviction and then strip you of your US citizenship.

    Since certain people think that the Geneva Convention applies to terrorists who are not uniformed and do not have any allegiance to any specific country, then the reason for denaturalization as stated above should apply to the terrorists as well.

    If there is proof or even it is beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a connection between Shahzad Faisal and any terrorist organization over in Pakistan (or anywhere overseas for that matter) then he should be stripped of his U.S. citizenship or be subject to denaturalization.

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