Useful Idiots For Sharia Law: Ground Zero Mosque Approved

    The Ground Zero Mosque is antithetical to the very foundation of America and America’s core principles. The fact that both New York City officials are allowing this mosque to be built, bending over backwards so that it is able to be built and the fact that the Obama administration refuses to step in and stop this mosque from being built is troubling, is a travesty, and is heartbreaking. The fact that Obama, as our Commander-in-Chief, is not defending America against her enemies which are infiltrating the United States is unconscionable.

    You know that liberal thinking is really backwards and against America when a presidential administration allows deportation proceedings of a Muslim who is a convert to Christianity, and a former terrorist who served as one of Israel’s top spies against terrorist organizations( specifically Hamas) and then simultaneously allows for sharia-loving peoples’ to build a mosque at the location where an act of war was committed against the United States. This is absurd! The Muslims who are trying to build this mosque have the very same ideology as the terrorists living abroad do today and did on September 11, 2001 when they murdered 3000 of our innocents.

    We must stop the further infiltration of America by our enemies!

    Walid Shoebat reveals Muslims using useful idiots to promote Sharia Law in America

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