Brain-tickling optical illusions ever

    Brain-tickling optical illusions ever

    Psychedelic Swirl

     One of the most amazing "fake motion" illusions. Believe it or not, this is a still image! (source)

    Is It Green?

     The square in the center of this image by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka appears to have a green tint. But is that actually its color?  (source)

    On The Beach

     This is a cycling image. Focus on the red dot and wait for the image to change to a shot of the beach. It's in black and white, but it will appear to be in color because of the after-image in your eyes!(source)

    Wiggling Bugs

     These 'bugs' seem to be moving, but this is actually a static image. Note that whenever you focus on a particular 'bug,' it seems to stop moving.(source)

    Lots of Legs

     This image by Shigeo Fukuda is a lovely essay in balance and contrast. Where do you think one set of legs ends, and the other begins?(source)

    White Circles

     This image shows the brain's tendency to "fill in" negative space with shapes. Do you see a series of white circles between the black crosses? In reality, they don't exist.(source)

    Pack of Wolves

    How many wolves can you see in this illustration?(source)

    See the answer here

    Pointing Fingers

     Can you tell which of these two fingers is pointing at the exact center the vertical line? (source)
    Click here for the answer.


     This isn't just a picture of two squirrels on a branch. Can you see the hidden image within?(source)

    Broken Grid

    Stare at the center of this grid for a while, and the outer edges will seem to "repair" themselves.(source)

    Mysterious Forest

     How many tigers can you see in this landscape? (source)

    Two Spheres

     Here's a perspective illusion. Which of these spheres appears to be bigger? Wait for the animation to remove them from their context. Now how do their sizes compare?(source)

    Mysterious Landscape

     Can you spot the mythical creature hidden in this landscape?(source)

    Click here for a little help.

    Mount Rushmore

     We all know the four presidents carved into Mount Rushmore, but can you spot the fifth face?(source)

    Turning the matter on its side may help.

    Anamorphic Edgar

     Can you spot the distorted picture of Edgar Allen Poe hidden in this illustration inspired by 'The Raven'?(source)

    A metal cylinder in the center reveals the hidden portrait.


     Scan the negative space in this whimsical illusion by Culpeo. Can you see what's haunting this fox?(source)

    Click here for a little help.

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