Why Do Progressives Want to Reduce Humans to Shapeshifting Animalia?

    While working in the great outdoors sometimes I get to listen to the radio and one day this past week I heard that Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California had decided to teach kids about gender diversity.  Gender diversity? What?!? There are two genders - male and female.  This is truly appalling!! God did not create us in his image to have us distort his vision of us. Kids have enough confusion and chaos in their lives as it is and they do not need any more confusion brought into their lives with this gender diversity crap being forced down their throats.  This is not about acceptance.  If people truly were promoting acceptance then they wouldn't be trying to get the person to change their gender.  Accepting the person means nurturing who they are and being supportive of that person during their struggles and not trying to get that person to turn themself into some type of shapeshifting animalia just because they may be unhappy for some reason or another.

    Why is it that some people want to have certain parts of their body chopped off or body parts added to their bodies in order to be accepted by both themselves and others?  Let's see here... Dogs and cats both get neutered and spaded in order to keep down both the cat and dog populations.  Now, humans want to purposely chop off their penis or add a penis to change their appearances because they are depressed and having psycological issues.  These gay propagandists want people to change their shape, the shape of their body and for what reason?  How exactly is changing the shape of your body from your natural body to a different, unatural body going to solve a person's psychological issues?  Having your penis chopped off is mutilating one's self.  In addition, having a penis added to your body is not normal and having to take hormonal drugs just to keep you the "new me" is absurd.  Altering your body, the one that God has given you, goes against the natural order.  Just because a girl may play with cars or a boy may play with barbies doesn't mean that they are gay.  Kids are very creative and like to explore the surroundings around them and this doesn't mean that they are unhappy with the body that they were born with.  As a child I remember experimenting with various types of toys, in fact I was a tomboy in many respects while growing up but just because I didn't act that girly didn't mean that I wanted to end being a girl, change genders, or that I was gay.  Why are humans being reduced to shapeshifting animalia?

    From NBC:
    On Monday and Tuesday, students of every grade were taught what the school called age-appropriate lessons about gender differences. Some lessons included all-girl geckos, a transgender clownfish, and boy snakes who act "girly" reports the San Francisco Chronicle.
    "That's a lot of variation in nature," Gender Spectrum trainer, Joel Baum, told the students. "Evolution comes up with some pretty funny ways for animals to reproduce."
    Principal Sara Stone said the lesson on gender differences was part of a larger effort to control bullying in the school, something parents supported last year.
    However, after the lessons began, several parents felt discussion in the classroom was too much.
    The Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative organization, said teaching children that there may be more than two genders, "does not represent the values of the majority of families in Oakland,"
    The $1,500 cost of training was funded by a grant from the California Teachers Association.

    I found this additional information via Blue Collar Philosophy.

    What about this group, Gender Spectrum? Here is what it has to say about gender variance:
    Gender variance is when a person’s preferences and self-expression fall outside commonly understood gender norms. Gender variance is a normal part of human expression, documented across cultures and recorded history. Non-binary gender diversity exists throughout the world, documented by countless historians and anthropologists. Examples of individuals living comfortably outside of typical male/female identities are found in every region of the globe. The calabai, and calalai of Indonesia, two-spirit Native Americans, and the hijra of India all represent more complex understandings of gender than the simplistic model seen in the west.
    Further, what might be considered gender variant in one period of history may become gender normative in another. One need only examine trends related to men wearing earrings or women sporting tattoos to quickly see the malleability of social expectations about gender. Even the seemingly intractable “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” notions are relatively new. While there is some debate about the reasons why they reversed, what is well documented is that until the 1950s, pink was seen as a more decided and stronger color, and thus more suitable for a boy, while blue, viewed more delicate and dainty, was commonly worn by girls.
    More from the Mercury article:
    On Monday morning, children in Cynthia Bagby’s kindergarten class discussed whether there were, in fact, “girl colors” and “boy colors.” Some giggled when Joel Baum, the trainer from Gender Spectrum, read “My Princess Boy,” a nonfiction children’s book by Cheryl Kilodavis about her son who liked to wear dresses and a tiara.
    “That’s a funny boy!” one boy said.
    You remember “Princess Boy“?

    This assault on the innocence of our youth is truly sad and extremely disturbing. No person should be promoting gender confusion, especially not on our vulnerable children.  
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