Which celebrity is the youngest?

    Which celebrity is the youngest?

    We all know some celebs have their ways of looking younger, but these celebrity age comparisons are unbelievable…

    Amy Childs and Emma Watson

     Emma is older.

    The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs is only 20 years old, while Emma Watson is 21, almost a year older. This could be surprising, however Amy is a lover of fake tan, hair extensions, oodles of make-up and has already had her breasts enhanced: gamine Emma is a fan of the natural look, which takes years off her. Being fake can sometimes be ageing! (Link)

    Mark Wright and Robert Pattinson

     Robert is older.

    Yes ladies, boyish R-Patz is a good year older than TOWIE's Mark Wright. The club promoter-turned-reality TV star could pass for a man in his early 30s with his dapper suits and overly-neat appearance (and too many late nights, perhaps?) while messy-haired and bright-eyed Rob looks a good few years younger. Mark is 24; Rob is 25. (Link)

    Kourtney and Kim Kardashian

     Kourtney is older.

    The Kardashian sisters are a beautiful bunch, there's no denying that. But we're still surprised that Kourtney, at 32, is two years older than Kim. Not that Kim looks old for her age... Kourtney just looks extremely young! She could pass for a teenager, almost. (Link)

    Rachel Stevens and Katie Price

     Rachel is older.

    Katie Price would probably look her age if she ditched the fake tan and the heaps of make-up. Rachel Stevens, on the other hand, probably still can't buy alcohol at the supermarket without taking her ID with her, just in case. They're both the same age (33) but Rachel is older. (Link)

    Alex Reid and Peter Andre

     Peter is older.  

    Can you believe Katie Price's exes are three years apart in age, with Pete being the older of the two at 38? The suave singer is naturally blessed with smooth, dark skin and sparkly eyes. Also, he's not a competitive fighter, which could be Alex's downfall. Cage-fighting Alex is 35. (Link)

    Megan Fox and Florence Welch

     Megan is older.

    Sultry actress Megan Fox is 25; singer Florence is just 24. Sure, they're only months apart in age but we're surprised that Flo is in her mid-20s! (Link)

    Gillian McKeith and Denise Welch

     Denise is older.
    These two blonde fifty-somethings have both recently been on reality TV shows (Gillian was on I'm A Celeb, Denise was on Dancing On Ice) but that's where the similarities end. Denise, who still enjoys a good night out on the town as well as a long-distance run, is a very youthful 53, while years of eating a strict diet (and probing other people's poo) hasn't worked too many wonders for Gillian, 51.(Link)

    Nikki Grahame and Anne Hathaway

     Nikki is older.

    Now, we're not saying 28-year-old Anne looks old for her years, but she does exude a kind of mature elegance. And Big Brother's Nikki Grahame? Well, she's 29 but looks about 12, especially when she pulls faces like that. (Link)

    Brad Pitt and Prince Edward

     Brad is older.

    OK, so it's probably not exactly fair to compare anybody to Brad Pitt, but it's incredible all the same. Brad Pitt turned 48 at the end of this year, while Prince Edward only turned 47 in March. (Link)

    Whitney Port and Lady Gaga

     Whitney is older.
    Former The Hills star Whitney Port is a year older than Lady Gaga who, at 25, confuses us. The Gaga singer has so much talent and prowess, not to mention the weirdest array of costumes, wigs and hats ever, she's an ageless entity and 25 doesn't seem to fit. Whitney, 26, exudes a peachy glow with her all-American goodness. (Link)

     Konnie Huq and Hannah Waterman

     Konnie is older.

    While former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq could easily pass for 25, actress Hannah Waterman has admitted that her face looks like a "bag of spanners" since she lost weight. We can't believe these two were born just days apart... Konnie probably struggles to get into nightclubs! The TV presenter is a mere five days older than the actress. (Link)

    Russell Brand and Alan Carr

     Russell is older.
    The Americanisation of Russell Brand, 35, is now complete. The comic-turned-actor looks far more polished than fellow Brit comic Alan Carr, who is a year younger at 34. Hollywood has waved its magic wand over the formerly dishevelled Russell... looking squeaky clean clearly takes the years off. (Link)

    Mark Owen and Dara O'Briain

     Mark is older.

    Dara O'Briain is one of our favourite comedians, so we don't care that he almost looks old enough to be Mark Owen's dad. Who, by the way, has a baby face to rival the likes of Macaulay Culkin. The Take That star is the oldest here by a few weeks. Still surprising though. (Link)

    Heidi Montag and Emmy Rossum

     Emmy is older.

    The Hills star Heidi Montag infamously had 10 plastic surgeries completed on the same day, but rather than making her look younger, they aged her. Now she could almost pass for actress Emmy Rossum's mother! (Link)

    Johnny Depp and Todd Carty

     Johnny is older.

    It's hard to believe Johnny is even over the age of 35 with those cheekbones and his full head of hair. Former EastEnders actor Todd Carty looks his age, but Johnny is nothing short of a miracle. Maybe he lied on his CV about his date of birth? Rather ironically, the latest Pirates of the Caribbean instalment includes the search for the Fountain of Youth. We think Johnny's already been there. (Link)

    Liv Tyler and Maggie Gyllenhaal

     Liv is older.

    Liv Tyler has a dewy, timeless look, while Jake Gyllenhaal's sister Maggie looks like she's had a few too many late nights! Both actresses live in New York and both are 33, but Liv is older by several months. (Link)

    Aston Merrygold and Tinie Tempah

     Aston is older.

    Would you believe baby-faced Aston from JLS is older than Tinie Tempah? Aston turned 23 a few months ago, while Tinie is a year younger but could easily pass for 30. (Link)

    Rachel Weisz and Lucy Benjamin

     Rachel is older.

    EastEnders actress Lucy and The Constant Gardener star Rachel are both in their 40s, but it looks like Rachel is stuck in a time warp. The movie actress is 41, while Lucy turns 41 in a few months. (Link)
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