Adam Gadahn- American Al Qaeda Spokesman Arrested in Pakistan

    According to CNN:
    "Adam Gadahn, an American spokesman for al Qaeda, has been arrested in Pakistan, a senior Pakistani government official source told CNN."

    "I believe that defiant Brother Nidal is the ideal role model for every repentant Muslim in the armies of the unbelievers and apostate regimes," Gadahn says in English.

    "In 2006, he was indicted on charges of treason and providing material support to terrorists. The U.S. government has offered a $1 million reward for information leading to his capture. In a 2008 video, he renounced his U.S. citizenship and destroyed his passport."

    This is huge catch and achievemant in our fight in the War on Terror. The terrorist, Gadahn praised the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood that killed thirteen American soldiers which was committed by an avowed Muslim Jihadist named Nidal Hasan who worked as a phychiatrist for the Army.  That was so despicable and such a tragedy.  We must make sure that another incident like this never happens again.  This is how Muslim extremists are going to try and target innocent Americans and others' across the world. They are going to try and infiltrate us from within, using our own system to their benefit. We must weed out these Muslim Jihadists using various tools such as data mining, wire tapping under the law, eliminating political correctness, and training officials within both the military and other government agencies on how to recognize and keep an eye out for Muslim extremists posing as peaceful Muslims. Maybe, we should even have employee or citizens' training on how to recognize a terrorist? What kind of signs should we look out for as citizens trying to keep safe in America?  Nonetheless, this is huge victory in the War on Terror.Source URL:
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