Krauthammer: Obama Administration's Treatment of Israel "Would Mean Strangling the Jewish Areas in Jerusalem"

    There seems to be a bias within the Obama administration and within the liberal community against the continued building of Israeli settlements. One sovereign does not have the right to make those kinds of demands of another sovereign nation. But, regardless, there is no International mandate saying Israel has no right to build settlements. There was in fact no agreement that Israel would stop building settlements altogether.  Is this evidence that liberals are in fact promoting any agenda that opposes Judeo-Christian principles?  Or at least reform Israel into a Muslim State instead of a Jewish State?  Israeli settlements are indeed more than legitimate as you will see here.

    "The Palestinian call to remove all Jewish presence from the disputed territories is not only discriminatory and morally reprehensible; it has no basis either in law or in the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

    The various agreements reached between Israel and the Palestinians since 1993 contain no prohibitions on the building or expansion of settlements. On the contrary, they specifically provide that the issue of settlements is reserved for permanent status negotiations, which are to take place in the concluding stage of the peace talks. The parties expressly agreed that the Palestinian Authority has no jurisdiction or control over settlements or Israelis, pending the conclusion of a permanent status agreement.

    It has been charged that the provision contained in the Israel-Palestinian Interim Agreement prohibiting unilateral steps that alter the status of the West Bank implies a ban on settlement activity. This position is disingenuous. The prohibition on unilateral measures was designed to ensure that neither side take steps that would change the legal status of this territory (such as by annexation or a unilateral declaration of statehood), pending the outcome of permanent status talks. The building of homes has no effect on the final permanent status of the area as a whole. Were this prohibition to be applied to building, it would lead to the unreasonable interpretation that neither side is permitted to build houses to accommodate the needs of their respective communities." CONTINUED HERE

    Here is Charles Krauthammer pointing out the absurdity of the Obama administration's position on Israeli settlements:

    Here are some facts showing how Palestinian leadership has violated International agreements:

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