Al Sharpton Claims Citizens Voted for Socialism & Drank the Socialism Kool-Aid

    So, Al Sharpton speaks at least half the truth for once. This is socialist health care. I would guess that about half of the citizens that voted for Obama did vote for him because of his socialist beliefs. When Obama said to "Joe the Plumber" that he intended to spread the wealth that should have been a clue to people of Obama's socialist beliefs. But, some may have been so enamoured with his smoke and mirrors slogan of "hope" and change" that they drank his Kool-aid and ignored the reality of his socialist and radical beliefs. Obama tried to appear as a centrist on the campain trail. Now, it is self-evident that the people who were not educated in the area of politics got snookered when they thought that they were voting for a centrist and in fact ended up voting for an avowed Leftist who surrounds himself with radicals, Socialists, Communists and Marxists, and has sorrounded himself with these types of people for years. Voters didn't want a Bush-like or a Bush-lite candidate like McCain so they voted for a political candidate that was different. But, I doubt that half of voters actually were voting for socialist medicine. They were voting for "change" and health care reform, but not this type of health care "reform". The aforementioned-Communism, Socialism, Marxist- are all related to one another. It just depends how radical the individual is, as to which of these political ideologies the person chooses to follow. Of course the poor want a free handout. Who really wants to work? Not many people. But, most people take the responsibility and initiative to take care of themselves and their own needs. Of course its different if the person is truly sick and can't take care of themselves. The sick deserve charity. They deserve to be helped. Socialists, like Obama, are just cheating the poor out of having a sense of fulfillment and personal responsibilty by having them indebted to the government. The Democrats are chaining them down like dogs who are laying around just waiting for their next meal or welfare check to come along. Conservatives see them as an indivisual human being with needs and not just a part of the collective. Conservatives love to help lift people up and help them better themselves. They want to help the poor be successful and make as much money as possible. Conservatives value that entrepreneurial spirit, want people to achieve their goals, while socialists limit the individuals' success and ability to achieve their goals in life. Yes, Al Sharpton, Obama's policies are at the least socialist and this health care bill is bad for America, and goes against everything that the Founders fought to achieve for this country-Liberty and Freedom. We will fight back, like revolutionaries, and repeal this Obamascare bill.

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