Laura Ingraham Reveals How Rep. Gutierrez Is a Democrat First and Foremost & Abandons Catholic Faith

    Another "Catholic" Democrat, Rep. Gutierrez, shows how his Catholicity plays absolutely NO role in his political life.  This man is an immoral bastage who only follows his faith for an hour on Sundays.  The separation of Church and State was not meant to eliminate a representative's religious beliefs or suspend their beliefs in time while they're representing the American people.  The separation of Church and State is so one religious entity doesn't control the government, but not to eliminate one's faith or freedom of religion from one's life while serving the public.  But, that's what Catholic Democrats do-they serve as a Democrat first and foremost, and maybe as a Catholic second, if at all.  They don't incorporate their faith and morality into their public life.  Laura Ingraham shows just how much Democrat Catholics are a bunch of hypocrites with regards to their faith and the application of their faith or lack thereof while serving the public in government positions.  It sure looks like Rep. Gutierrez is not a Catholic in good conscience.

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