My Rant: Charity From the Heart Vs. Government Forced "Charity"

    To the degree that with government programs there will always be some form of charity given from the heart, whether it be a small or large amount, this statement is true. But, over the years the increase in government social programs and the taxation that accompanies these programs- government entitlement programs- they cause a decrease in charity or charitable funds given to the poor and organizations both non-profit and for profit alike.

    When a government increases a person’s taxes to pay for another person’s health care that decreases the amount of funds that the person has available to freely choose from her/his heart to which needy person or organization that she/he wants to give a donation to. For the government to raise taxes for anything, but much less health care in which there are free clinics, low-income clinics, and volunteers who devote some of their time to donating their resources in helping and providing care for the poor is wrong, unconstitutional, and takes away or limits greatly the person’s individual right to freely choose where there generosity may be devoted. It is wrong to increase taxes on hard-working citizens to pay for others’ health care costs since these hard working citizens are already paying for their own health care costs, are living responsibly, and since the act of raising taxes does indeed take away a person’s free-choice, a person’s freedom to choose which charitable organization they want to donate to.

    I am going to pose a scenario to those Big Government-loving people out there: What if before a health care bill is passed a couple sets aside $500 to donate to a pro-life organization and then after the health care bill is passed by Congress taxes rise, and there is a $500 increase in this couple’s taxes? Wouldn’t the government’s increased taxation preclude this couple from giving charitable donations as they choose? The government is denying this couple the right to act freely and choose where they want to donate those funds all for the sake of spreading the wealth.

    Are people who rely on the State and promote the nanny-state or Democratic socialism(which is exactly where this health care bill will lead us if this is passed) replacing God with a false prophet/s known as the government? Over the past 65 years or so the government has grown bigger and expanded, and God has slowly but surely been stripped away from our society and replaced with secularism, and has increased citizens’ dependency on government or the State. If government (Big Government) is so good, how is it that since the New Deal was enacted there has been an increased dependency on the government and the number of people receiving monetary funds from welfare, Medicaid, and social security? If government really is about the “common good” and helping people to succeed how come there are so many people who are reliant on the government? If government actually helped and didn’t create an entitlement program and an entitlement population then there would be a much higher number of people employed in our society. What would happen of all the wealthy people in the United States decided to retire and close their businesses? Wouldn’t that affect both the unemployment and the amount of taxes taken in to support the poor?

    Does a capitalistic system have more corruption in it than in a Socialist or a Communist system? A Capitalistic environment provides more opportunity for success than either Communist or Socialist societies. A Capitalist society provides more incentives for monetary success than in Socialist or Communist societies since in the ladder those types of governments tend to penalize success by bleeding the successful dry with high taxes. The secularists and the people on the Left who think that a capitalist system is more corrupt may want to take note that while capitalistic societies may be corrupt monetarily ( so are other forms of government), it has been proven and documented in history books that Nationalistic Socialism and Communism are far more corrupt and has in fact cost many innocent people their lives. Here are three examples where National Socialism and Communism has harmed and/or killed lives far worse than capitalism ever could: Mao Tse Tung killed about 20 million people due to starvation and the ‘Cultural Revolution‘ combined; Joseph Stalin killed approximately 20 million people between Russians being starved to death, sent to the Gulag, deported, and executed for political “offenses“; and Hitler killed approximately 11 million people during the Holocaust. They all killed people in the name of the common good.

    The Left and secularists like to proclaim that their “tolerant” when in fact they are least tolerant people in world. Secularists and the Left are the ones that have forced their immorality on us, indoctrinate our children in schools(mmm mmm mmm Barack Obama), and want any sign of religious freedom removed from our society. To the Left and secularists, the only people they have “tolerance” toward are the people who think on their terms-liked programmed liberal robots unable to allow for free thought in our society if it includes: principles in accordance with God, conservatism, Right to Life as it says in the Constitution or Pro-Life, individualism, advocate that our government provide for the common defense, and promoting family values.

    This was written to counteract all those socialists and communists out there. If people believe in either Communism or Socialism there is no middle ground. You are either a socialist or not. You are either a communist or not. You may try to make yourselves feel better by rationalizing and thinking that there is a middle ground with regards to being a socialist/communist, but there isn’t. It is clear to me that socialists in our society want to relinquish their responsibilities to the State. The State is supposed to be a different, a separate entity than the Church. But, some people believe that the State is supposed to be an appendage of the Church. The Church is a gathering place for the community of the faithful and helps to provide charity to the poor but its purpose is different from that of our government. It is a moral obligation of the Church to provide charity, whereas it is not a moral obligation of the State to provide charity, especially when our government is acting like thieves, providing charity at the point of a gun, by forcing taxpayers to pay higher taxes to provide forced “charity” to the poor.  Now, we stop this Obamascare monstrosity from passing the House.

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