How Universal Health Care Will REALLY Affect For the Poor

    The State is requiring the Boston Medical Center to operate at a loss which could result in the hospital treating the poor inadequately.  Is this the State forcing the hospital into bankruptcy, closing, and thus resulting in hurting the poor-the opposite effect that unversal health care was intended to have.  This is the model that the President touted and with Obamacare, wanted to mimick closely. So, does this mean that hospitals all across America are going to be forced to run in the red, go bankrupt, close their doors, and ultimately hurt the poor and the rest of American citizens?  Quinn's Law from Jim Quinn of Quinn & Rose in the Morning states that liberalism always produces the exact opposite of its stated intent.

    From the Boston Globe:
    "Boston Medical Center filed suit yesterday against the state, accusing officials of illegally cutting payments made to the hospital for treating thousands of poor patients, a decision executives said could financially unravel the urban hospital’s key services."
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