Oh!! What Beautiful Paintings From a Patriot

    I am reposting a wonderful blog post from Andrew33 at K.O.O.K's Manifesto. This post is of an American patriot who is using her fabulous artistic ability to spread the message about the Tea Party movement.  These are very detailed and excellent paintings/sketches.

    Lately I have been meeting so many amazing people, I simply don't have time to write about them all but this one is special. Meet Susan. She has been up and down the corporate ladder, much like many of you, but has decided to take her amazing gift and use it to support the "liberty" movement. When I say her gift is amazing, that is doing her a horrid injustice as her talent as an artist is so good it's hard to put it into words. The only thing stronger than her artistic talent is her love for this country so she has gone into business selling her patriotic artwork. When I saw her stunning hand drawn poster, literally spent my last dime to buy one and get it customized with the blog name as well as friends I attended with included. Here is a link to her site: http://www.susanlsmithartist.com/ and her story about how she became inspired to use her talent to support the Tea Party Patriots. I will put up some pics of her art in this post and hope that you will support her, as her art is easily worth infinitely more than she charges.

    It is my belief that the "Tea Party" will be considered a major historical event in the USA and buying a $20-50 piece of art will not only support a patriot doing her part but will get you a patriotic picture that will be the centerpiece of any room you choose to put it in. So check out her stuff and giver her some blogger love. If you can't buy one of her pics, then drop a Washington or a Lincoln so she can keep blessing us with her art. I'm sure for a small donation, she'd be willing to do a logo or a header for your blogs. So here is her story and some samples of her art to go with it!!!!

    here is quite a story behind all this and Im sure the left would love to trash me for it so with that in mind Im not gonna make it easy for them to smear me - they have to work for it! But for my 912 experience it went like this

    No doubt that the 912 March on DC was a phenominal and historical event, especially for all of those in attendance. The lack of 'lamestream' media coverage further reinforces that their heads are, well...., where they should not be! I am no mathematician, however, I can count and I have attended enough 500,000+ person events at the Ft Lauderdale Air and Sea Shows in days gone by, several 70,000+ person Professional Football games and many 100,000+ person Rock Concerts to know that the sea of people that Marched on Washington DC on 912 was far greater than 70,000, or even hundreds of thousands, it was a million plus, and plus more. I put the number at about 2.6m, that is 2,600,000 live breathing tax paying patriots! And, if you count the masses that protested all across the country that day, and, those that were stuck on the highways leading into DC well the number swells even more. So let this stand as a correction of sorts to those that thumbed their noses at us and turned a blind eye to our protests. "We the People,...We are Back"

    From where I perched on the stone monument walls that cloudy day ( just under the south end of Grants horse) I witnessed the green lawns and the granite malls fill with so many patriotic Americans that no matter what direction I looked to, north, south, east or west, was a sea of peaceful protesters, singing, chanting, waving signs and furling flags, etc......I get goose bumps just recalling the awe and exhilaration I felt then and there in the midst, and, middle of it all. One of the few published photos in the Washington papers actually has the top of my head (dont look at my roots) in the bottom of the photo. And thanks to "Bear" my traveling partner, and, Ron and Mary Rakovich for their generous accommodations, I was right smack dab in the middle of it all.

    The many videos circulating and the thousands of posted photos each show a glimpse of 912, a small fraction of the million plus individuals who traveled there, each with their own message, question or concern. Each demanding to be heard and listened to. Not spoken down to or disparaged. Washington tried writing us off as Astroturf.....well I have a message for the most devicive person ever in DC ..... "I Am A 12th Generation American, my family goes all the way back to 1635, and, so help me God, DO NOT talk about me and my family in that way!"

    Yes, my great,g,g,g,g,g,g,g,g,g, grandfather emigrated from the repression of England's monarhcy, loss of individual property rights and imposition of religious oppression arriving on the "Speedwell" in October 1635 (374 yrs ago) in New England. His name was Richard Smith. He became known as "BULL" Smith and he later founded Smithtown, NY on the Northshore of Long Island in 1665. Him and my other ancestors built this country before it was founded into the United States of America and they are all rolling in their graves at what is taking place in the country right here and right now. It is, therefore, incumbent upon me as their proud descendant to do something, to take charge, and make action happen.

    So here I am America, I am here to do my part, to take charge of my destiny ( thats another story) and to get involved in the retaking of this great country back from the corrupt and insidious clenches of the twisted 'progressives.'

    While my own history may be different than yours, we are all united on the issues and causes that are violating our constitution and belittling our bill of rights,and the out of control and wreckless spending that is bankrupting our nation into collapse. OUR issues are of equal importance to us all and will ultimately effect us all- and immeasurably so - if we do nothing. I am particularly concerned for my children and the future generations of this great nation for they are clueless as to what I see going on here. We must not become the United Socialists States of America, we must preserve the United States of America as the best and FREEIST of the FREE world.

    Before I left my humble little apartment and set off with strangers for the trip to DC I said to my daughters (23 & 21 yrs) "this may be the most important thing I ever publicly do for you." And four months later after watching their mother work tirelessly, day in and day out on artwork that I was doing out of passion for my country, they are beginning to understand. Why is it taking so long for our youth to recognize what is going wrong....because the history they have been taught in school is minus a whole helluva lot of truth.

    Well call me sentimental but as an artist I am often inspired by lifes experiences and moved by my emotions. I am blessed to have found some of my most worthy creativity through profound events in my life. Such is the case with my 912 experience.

    With that in mind I embarked on a grand undertaking to accurately render, in pen, ink and full color, a montage of the events, venues, people, groups, messages, causes and questions representative of the 912 March on DC, that was not captured in any print media I have seen. The movement and my experience is what I wanted to preserve because we cannot count on the educators to do it, we must do it. Just as I was compelled to overcome huge obstacles just to get to DC and participate and be heard........I was compelled to do this "commemorative artwork," it is where my passion lies.

    So I began sketching and I thought well maybe someone else may feel the same way, maybe there are others who are so irked by the lamestream media thumbing their noses at us and turning a blind eye towards us ( and I am not making fun of the blind by any means) that they too would want to relive this experience, perpetuate it for our posterity and remind congress, the administration and all elected officials that "We the People,...We are Back".

    The "We the People,...We are Back" original is 3' high by 5' long and it contains renderings of the FreedomWorks meeting/speakers at the Armory, the Tea Party Patriots 912 Press Conference at Capitol Hill, the Physicians for Reform Rally, the FairTax rally at the IRS, and of course the 912 March on DC multiple views: West Lawn, North Lawn, South Lawn, views up Pennsylvannia Ave and East view to the Washington Monument.... I was going to solicit advertising space in the boarder because I desperately need to earn a living and then I thought more appropriately would the artwork be if it was wrapped in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, the beginnings of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And, Vahwhallah I did just that. Although I remained unemployed as a displaced construction exec/business owner going on a few years now (and never eligible for unemployment) I hoped, just maybe, my fellow patriots would see that I have reinvented myself as a serious artist, maybe even as a Political Protest Artist.

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