National ID Card: Encroaching Fascism

    This is lunatic idea being propagated by our government is fascism of the worst kind. This National I.D. Card is intrusive into the lives of Americans. This is not a good solution, if a solution at all. This is Big Brother violating the privacy of Americans while rewarding illegal immigrants who have entered this country via illegal means-- enabling these illegal immigrants to have all the benefits of American citizens when these illegal immigrants are not playing by the rules. Americans are playing by the rules and now our government is trying to screw the American people. This really ticks me off. The answer to the illegal immigration problem is to close our borders, to put a fence up, and to post an additional number of armed guards at both borders. The wrong answer to this immigration issue is for the government to use this intrusive method where government would be creeping their way into our private lives. This is about our freedom. We must stop our government from gaining more control over our lives. Sen. Lindsey Graham, the RINO from South Carolina, is co-sponsoring this bill. We need to boot Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO) out of office since he is co-sponsoring this crappy piece of legislation and crossing the aisle. No more crossing the aisle, dammit!! No more compromising our privacy!!! Let’s all fight back against this outlandish, extremely intrusive bill.

    Senate Plan Calls for National ID Card to Curb Illegal Immigration

    By: Dave Eberhart

    A national ID card using biometric data such as fingerprints is at the center of an immigration reform bill being hammered out in the U.S. Senate – a measure that once again probably will pit advocates of homeland security and tough immigration enforcement against civil libertarians, employers and immigrant rights groups.

    The new effort by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., will revive the “Real ID” debate that has festered for years with little effect on illegal immigration. Under their plan, a universally required card would be encoded with all sorts of information regarding the holder, as well as contain a unique biometric signature created from either fingerprints or the vein patterns on the tops of the hands.

    Bottom line: Employers will not be able to hire applicants who do not present a valid ID.

    Schumer and Graham are slated to meet soon with President Barack Obama to brief him on their work. An administration official said the White House has no position on the biometric card, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

    Graham’s approach to the controversial IDs is simple: Americans already carry Social Security cards – this is the same thing, except tamperproof. So what’s the big deal?

    “We’ve all got Social Security cards,” he said. “They’re just easily tampered with. Make them tamper-proof. That’s all I’m saying.”

    “It’s the nub of solving the immigration dilemma politically speaking,” Schumer told the Journal. The card, he argued, would nip in the bud any surge of illegal immigrants. “If you say they can’t get a job when they come here, you’ll stop it.”

    All sounds well and good, but predictably there are critics who see the card as the ultimate invasion of privacy that puts Big Brother at the shoulder of every honest American worker.

    Conservatives are divided depending on their views on immigration vs. the potentially intrusive role of government. Fox New host Bill O’Reilly said Tuesday night that he favors a National ID Card, citing among other things the additional taxes that would be collected through reduced fraud. He called it a “moneymaker for the U.S.” O’Reilly, as well as former CNN host Lou Dobbs, an advocate of strong immigration enforcement, wants the measure fast-tracked this year.

    But others don’t like the idea of a government with control of biometric data of every U.S. citizen.

    “It is fundamentally a massive invasion of people’s privacy,” said Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, according to Homeland Security Newswire. “We’re not only talking about fingerprinting every American, treating ordinary Americans like criminals in order to work. We’re also talking about a card that would quickly spread from work to voting to travel to pretty much every aspect of American life that requires identification.”  CONTINUED

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