House Vote Approves Use of Slaughter Rule; Liar Rep. Jason Altmire Votes For Slaughter Rule

    Alright, the House voted 222 to 203 to approve the use of the Slaughter Rule.  How sickening. *UGH* Plus, the scumbucket Rep. Jason Altmire who said  he wouldn't vote for the health care Bill if Democrats used either of the trickery techniques called Demon-Pass, or the Slaughter Rule has just voted for the use of the Slaughter Rule.  What a freaking liar!!! It seems as though he's been bought and paid for somehow-by either Nancy Pelosi or Obama somehow.  What a freaking loser.  His constituents by far are against this bill and yet he is going against his constituents wishes. He is so despicable.  He is nothing but a puppet for Obama and Pelosi.  I guess he's going to be looking for another job after November.  I live very close to his district and will do my darndest to make sure that this libtard congressman isn't re-elected. According to a Fox News Poll 53% of the American people oppose this monstrosity of a bill. There is only 35% who favor Dems "reform".  Sure, why the hell should these asswipe congressman actually do their jobs and listen to the American people?  Nah. That would make sense(sarcasm). This is tyranny being thrust upon us all so that these Demoncrats can have more power and control over our lives. We must continue fighting to stop this bill from passing.  And, then if that fails, we must tie up the courts and challenge this unconstitutional Bill.Source URL:
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