Terrorist Group Hezbollah Has Infiltrated Our Southern Border

    Here is Glenn Beck in August of 2010 informing us about the real likelihood of Hezbollah's presence in Mexico.

     In September of 2010 Rep. Myrick wrote to Sec. Napolitano about the dangers of Hezbollah, and the real possibility of their presence on the southern border.  Two months after she had notified Janet Napolitano Rep. Myrick found out that more evidence has arisen that shows Hezbollah may be operating in Mexico and along our Southern border. 

    Is Janet Napolitano and this administration looking or purposely looking the other way? 

    In late February of 2011 it had become apparent that members of Hezbollah sneaked into the U.S. via Tijuana.

    How many? What?!? This is frightening!  Our government is obligated to secure our borders but is refusing to do so. This is inexcusable.  We need to hold our government accountable for refusing to fulfill its duty to the citizens of the United States.

    Now there is evidence from a former intelligence agent confirming that Hezbollah has indeed infiltrated our border.
    The Conservative Lady has some good information on Hezbollah working with drug cartels near our border.

    From The Blaze:

    “They are recognized by many experts as the ‘A’ team of Muslim terrorist organizations.”
    That’s how a former U.S. intelligence agent described the group Hezbollah to 10News in San Diego. “They certainly have had successes in big-ticket bombings.”
    The local news organization interviewed the agent for a story on how Hezbollah has been creeping closer to the the U.S. border, and has now apparently been spotted in the Mexican border town of Tijuana.
    “We are looking at 15 or 20 years that Hezbollah has been setting up shop in Mexico,” the agent told 10News.
    Why should that concern American? According to him, Hezbollah is far more advanced than the much-feared al Qaeda.
    “Their operators are far more skilled … they are the equals of Russians, Chinese or Cubans,” he said. “I consider Hezbollah much more dangerous in that sense because of strategic thinking; they think more long-term.”

    10News explains more:
    Hezbolah has operated in South America for decades and then Central America, along with their sometime rival, sometime ally Hamas.
    Now, the group is blending into Shi’a Muslim communities in Mexico, including Tijuana. Other pockets along the U.S.-Mexico border region remain largely unidentified as U.S. intelligence agencies are focused on the drug trade.
    The agent, who has spent years deep undercover in Mexico, said Hezbollah is partnering with drug organizations, but which ones is not clear at this time.
    He told 10News the group receives cartel cash and protection in exchange for Hezbollah expertise.
    “From money laundering to firearms training and explosives training,” the agent said.
    For example, he tracked, along with Mexican intelligence, two Hezbollah operatives in safe houses in Tijuana and Durango
    Tunnels the cartels have built that cross from Mexico into the U.S. have grown increasingly sophisticated. It is a learned skill, the agent said points to Hezbollah’s involvement.

    “They have had clandestine training in how to live in foreign hostile territories,” the agent said, later adding, “They’re focusing on developing, on infiltrating communities within North America.”

    The full story with video (unfortunately not embeddable) is here

    It is past time for our government to secure our borders.  The Obama administration needs to stop dithering, playing political games, and start doing its job and protecting the Americans from terrorists and the other dangers that have managed to lurk across our borders.  
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